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4 New Finds in Decatur, AL: Public Art, 2 Great Stores and Barbecue

I have recently been selected to be an Ambassador for VisitDecaturAL, which includes all of Morgan County. It's a fun gig, and I love working with the tourism people and getting to know the other Ambassadors, most of which are MUCH younger and sharper than I am. But, mostly I love the fact that it has helped me really dig in and find the amazing assets we have right in our own backyard. On a recent afternoon in Decatur, for example, I visited two stores for the first time, gazed at some examples of the booming public art efforts on 2nd Avenue and ate some delicious barbecue on Highway 20.

Tammy Eddy and her husband go to my church. Tammy teaches a ladies' Bible class on Sunday mornings and is active in the women's ministry. AND she owns a beautiful store on Bank Street in Decatur. She has wonderful furniture with beautiful fabrics, interesting decor items and, as a sweet affirmation of her faith, a selection of devotional books available for sale. Her taste is impeccable. Go in and browse. She'd love to meet you.

The Cupboard calls itself "Decatur's Only Gourmet Kitchen Shop," and I believe that is completely accurate. I consider myself a foodie who loves to cook, and I found some wonderful items that will be on future birthday and Christmas wish lists. From knives to napkins and from cookbooks to cast iron, there is much to see. In particular, I loved the display of Earth Born pottery and the colorful Mardi Gras-style creations made by a breast cancer survivor with fun names such as Sister Boom Boom and Delores del Taco. Even if you don't cook, you're sure to find the perfect gift for someone who does. Check it out.


I don't believe it's a coincidence that painted murals on the sides of buildings and fun sculptures are appearing in Old Decatur now that the Alabama Center for the Arts has gotten well established on 2nd Avenue, across the street from The Princess Theater and within sight of the Morgan County Courthouse. Plans are in place for more and more art to be created, and I believe that will increase pride and draw traffic to "Old Decatur."

You may think we already have enough barbecue places in Morgan County, but once you taste what Scruggs has to offer, you'll agree that there was room for one more. :) In addition to barbecue, they offer soul food and some amazing caramel cake. I loved the signs around the walls and the enticing smells. The prices are good, and the service is friendly. You can dine-in or take home a carry-out. The hours are fairly short compared to other places, so take note. They are open from 11:00 to 5:30 Monday through Saturday and from 11:00 to 4:00 on Sunday. Scruggs is located on AL Highway 20 between Ingalls Harbor and the Beltline.

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