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5 Top Restaurant Recommendations in Vicksburg, Mississippi

Updated: May 4, 2022

Vicksburg is synonymous with the Mississippi River and the Civil War, but it is adding art to its repertoire. I would say that great food is also a big reason to visit. Here are the 5 restaurants I enjoyed the most during a recent visit to Vicksburg.


The Tomato Place looks like a roadside fruit and vegetable stand, but it has evolved into a destination for fabulous tomato sandwiches. I chose a Fried Green Tomato BLT and enjoyed every bite. I can see why the locals and out-of-town tourists make their way here. SO good. Forget ambiance. Think great taste.


Relish Bistro at 1104 Washington Street has an elevated menu and is open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday and for brunch on Saturday and Sunday. I was there for dinner and loved the Brussels Sprouts with Jalapenos and the Shrimp Polenta. Delicious!


Walnut Hills Restaurant is a Vicksburg staple for Southern comfort foods, especially fried chicken. The vegetable choices are impressive as are the tempting desserts. You'll enjoy the atmosphere of eating in a historic home built in 1880.


STEAKS!! Just go ahead and plan to order one when you visit Beechwood Restaurant & Lounge. The one I had was amazing. If you can order a plate with both steak and fried catfish, that would be even better. The catfish is lightly-battered and very flavorful. Oh, and did I mention the jumbo shrimp? Beechwood got its start in 1956 and has been passed from uncle to nephew to uncle to nephew ever since.


Anchuca, built in the late 1820's is a popular Vicksburg B & B, but it is best known as the home of Joseph Davis, brother of Jefferson Davis, who served as the President of the Confederacy. Unsurprisingly, it is on the National Register of Historic Places.

I was there for Sunday brunch, but the restaurant serves dinner Monday through Saturday also. I overheard some people in a local store talking about how good their dinner was. Apparently, Anchuca is a nice place to go for special occasions.

Stay tuned next week for special Vicksburg attractions.

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