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Columbus, GA: Public Art in this Revitalized City

After a recent visit to Columbus, Georgia, I am more convinced than ever that people with a vision make all the difference to the success of a community. They are the ones who can resurrect a dying town, breathe life into buildings that were former warehouses, attract new blood in terms of businesses and professionals, honor people who were born in the town and became famous, and add public art that displays pride and welcomes visitors.

In the coming weeks, I will tell you about a wonderful boutique hotel, some great restaurants, fabulous entertainment venues and museums, and reasons why you'll enjoy Columbus. I have already told you how much I appreciate and see the value in public art. It is such a positive indicator of a community's spirit. I only took a few photos of examples in Columbus. There were MANY more.

The magnificent Broadway Street in Uptown Columbus is lined with shops and restaurants. The sidewalks are wide, and the median is dotted with whimsical sculptures.

Colorful murals are scattered around Uptown Columbus and bring lively pops of color where walls were once drab and uninteresting.

Lady Columbus by Chris Johnson

Confetti Sunshine Wall by Evelyn Henson

What Lifts You by Kelsey Montague. Kelsey has painted wings in cities across the U.S.

I don't know the artist or the name of this mural, but I believe "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" would be appropriate. This is only the center portion. The entire mural is extremely long and is in a visible highway location.

I live in Hartselle, AL. After MUCH struggle, we have so far managed to get two murals in our historic downtown. I am hopeful that more will appear soon.

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