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Fabulous Vacation Rental in St. Marys, GA with Eye-Popping Extras

Judge Keegan and Rebecca Federal are the owners of a beautiful vacation rental property in St. Marys, Georgia with historical significance, a long list of amenities, and extras that add to its Wow Factor. Steve and I were treated to a tour of The Federal Quarters (a.k.a. the Archibald Clark House) and a chance to visit with the Federals. They are gracious hosts and captivating storytellers. Mrs. Federal and I share a love of cookbooks, but she takes it a step further and uses hers to the delight of her guests. Her lemon squares were some of the best I've ever eaten.

The Federal Quarters, built in 1801, boast three bedrooms and three and a half baths. All the bedrooms are upstairs, but a downstairs sunroom can be used as a bedroom if stairs are a problem. The names given to the bedrooms are part of the home's story -- Alexander Hamilton Suite, Aaron Burr Suite, and General Winfield Scott Suite.

Archibald Clark and Aaron Burr were good friends. Archibald Clark was once the mayor of St. Marys, and President Thomas Jefferson appointed him as the Customs Agent in charge of collecting money from the ships that came to port in the town. In 1804, after Aaron Burr (who was Vice President of the United States at the time) killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel, he fled to St. Marys to avoid being arrested. It is widely believed that Burr stayed on this property for three months while he hid from the authorities.

In the War of 1812, the house was used as a headquarters for the British. Later, General Winfield Scott stayed at the home after leading troops during the Indian Wars in Florida.

But, back to the specifics of what is now a vacation rental. Guests can enjoy a tastefully decorated living room and dining room, a fully-equipped kitchen, over 400 books, a large backyard with a patio and barbecue grill, a Harry Potter-themed hideaway for the kids, and a music and toy closet. A golf cart and bikes are available for leisurely exploring the town, and guests are welcome to gather eggs from the chicken coop "when the chickens are happy and laying them."

A Model A Ford convertible waits in the garage for guests to enjoy. Imagine the awesome family photos!

The Federals own a 46-foot Grand Banks trawler, and Judge Federal is a licensed Coast Guard Captain. Guests are invited to charter a sunset or moonlight cruise on St. Marys River at a "deeply discounted rate."

I had never met anyone with the last name "Federal," but The Federal Quarters is a perfect name for this accommodation option on the southeastern tip of Georgia. The house will sleep up to 7 guests. It is perfect for a family or several couples who enjoy traveling and spending time together.

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