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Foodie Finds in Huntsville

In what Steve called "our 5th final research trip" personally checking out places to include in my book, "100 Things to Do in Huntsville and North Alabama Before You Die," we tried for ourselves two places that had been recommended and both proved to be definite winners.

I was first interested in this place because the owner's mother, Lila Johnson, was one of my fellow teachers at Priceville Elementary. Her son Matt had a successful career working for a government contractor but decided to put his love for bread-baking to use full-time. The name is derived from the nickname he acquired in the gym where he worked out. Apparently, there were quite a few Matts at the gym, so unexplainably Matt Johnson became known as Canadian Matt. When he told his buddies of his plans to open an artisan bread shop, someone suggested Canadian Bakin, and it stuck.

Canadian Bakin flaunts its carbs and sells only what has been baked THAT DAY. Therefore, the breads have no preservatives. I brought home both a baguette and a cinnamon brioche. Both were excellent. I WILL return. Go in and sample some delectable choices for yourself. You'll find the shop at 501 Church Street NW.

You KNOW I have to check out a place that is said to serve the "best soul food in North Alabama." G is the lady in the kitchen making the magic happen. Her husband greets folks, takes orders, and generally has a great time. Their staff is friendly, helpful, and fun to watch. They have been in the same location on Oakwood Avenue for 25 years and are still going strong. They insist that they are NOT a fast food joint and that their fried items are cooked after they are ordered. Such commitment definitely makes a difference.

Steve loved the chunks of meat in his turnip greens, I thought the potato salad was the best I've had in years (rivaling both Steve's momma's and my own momma's), and we both loved the pinto beans and cornbread. G's Country Kitchen is another place we expect to visit again.

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