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Last Full Day of Cousins Camp 2022

When you read this, we'll be enjoying our last full day of Pearson Cousins Camp 2022. We'll be dismissing after breakfast on Saturday morning.

After spoiling them rotten for the past 14 years, we decided on a theme this year of "Others First." I hope you have followed along via my Facebook page to see how we've fleshed out that theme. You'll be reading the results in coming weeks.

When we get through with breakfast tomorrow, ten people will have consumed 17 meals and numerous snacks together. The pantry and fridge will be looking pretty bare.

In two weeks, four more grands will arrive for Skittles Camp -- they did NOT want to be called "Littles," and I understand. Those 4 -- Enoch, Silas, Bethany, and Samuel -- are siblings. You can also follow our adventures with them on Facebook.

Thank you for your encouragement.

Thank you even more for your prayers.

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