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Out and About with Kids in Huntsville

We enjoyed a couple of new experiences with grandkids in Huntsville during our recent Skittles Camp. Here are some of my thoughts and suggestions if you decide to try them.


Let's Play, at 6275 University Drive, NW, in Huntsville, is described as an indoor children's amusement center. The weather was unseasonably cool and overcast. It was much too cold to swim in our swimming pool. The 5 kids needed some exercise. They LOVED Let's Play. Their ages are 3 to 11, and there was something for everyone. They jumped, climbed, crawled, danced, and worked up a good sweat. :) There are lots of soft edges, so injuries are highly unlikely. Take note that EVERYONE (even grandparents) are required to wear socks inside the play area, so plan ahead. If you take socks for everyone except yourself, they do have socks for sale at the check-in desk. Ask me how I know. :)

We spent several happy hours at Let's Play, but take note that you can go for a while, take a break to go get something to eat, and then re-enter, thanks to a hand-stamping system in place.


Ticket prices are reasonable.

Parking is $10 per car.

Seats are comfortable.

Toyota Field is very nice. Restrooms are clean. Staff is friendly.

Food is expensive! For example, 3 SMALL boxes of popcorn were $19.80! Gulp.

Take note that they have a strict clear bag policy, so plan accordingly.

The 9, 10, and 11-year-olds we had with us were completely engaged in the game and enjoyed all the antics on the field and on the big screen.

The 3 and 5-year-olds needed lots of snacks, and even with treats, they barely made it to the end of the game and the promised fireworks. They LOVED the fireworks. Whew!

I would definitely recommend that you go to a Trash Pandas game, but for everyone's sake, I would leave children under age 7 or 8 at home with a babysitter. :)

A GIANT disappointment was the recent closure of Harmony Park Safari, the drive-through zoo in South Huntsville. We have had some hilarious times there in past years, but this attraction has now closed permanently. Bummer.

When the grandkids are safely back to their parents, an adult splurge that I highly recommend is a meal at Cotton Row on the courthouse square in downtown Huntsville. Steve and I made reservations for an early afternoon brunch on Mother's Day, and it was wonderful.

Shrimp tempura and deviled eggs with caviar for appetizers.

Braised short ribs and roasted salmon for entrees.

Bananas Foster French toast for dessert.

I hope you're having a good Memorial Day weekend. Summer is finally here.

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