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REEVES FARM: Hartselle, Alabama's Newest Attraction

Move over, Peach Park in Clanton! North Alabama, and specifically Hartselle, has a new site for peaches, fresh veggies, watermelons and homemade jams, jellies, salsas, sauces, pickles and more. Anticipated by the 4th of July will come homemade ice cream and sweet treats galore. We may not get a giant peach tower any time soon, but I'm guessing that the Reeves men will find a way to lure folks off the interstate to take a look.

Reeves Farms are, after all, less than a mile from Exit 328 on I-65, not far from Cracker Barrel. Head east and you'll see it on the left very quickly. Weather, the coronavirus pandemic, and several other snafus delayed the opening, but now they are welcoming visitors, and it is quickly becoming a great place to grab some delicious produce and see fellow Hartselle folks who have also been quarantining for weeks. Check out their website and their Facebook page to see their current hours and offerings. The locals know it as Reeves Peach Farm, and you can glimpse the peach orchards on your way, but they've expanded well beyond peaches. Strawberry season, for example, brings folks out in the spring, and I can personally attest to their delicious quality. For Memorial Day, I had a slice of one of their candy-sweet onions and juicy tomatoes on my hamburger. SO good.

The fresh produce will continue through the summer and spill over into hundreds of pumpkins in the fall.

Speaking of being personal. For me, Reeves Farms and the growing success of this business is personal. I've known these people for a long time. I often sit behind Mike, Lynn, and their three attractive, adult children in church. It's easy to see that the grandparents and parents are passing down a legacy of hard work as well as a love for the land and agriculture. Sons David and Jackson are the muscles and manpower for much of what is grown on their acres these days, and they represent the 4th generation of Reeves farmers. I gave piano lessons to Lynn and her sisters. I taught Mike's sister in junior high chorus. I played for Mike and Lynn's wedding. We share a loyalty to Auburn University and all things orange and blue. Lynn is an accountant. She keeps a close eye on our church budget. I trust these people, and I enjoy watching them succeed.

Their new pavilion is big, open and airy. The parking lot is large, and the staff is friendly. The displays are nostalgic and attractive. Check them out soon. Then keep going back as they add new features and products.

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