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So Thankful

1 Chronicles 16:34 says: "Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!"

And James 1:17 says: "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

Please allow me a few minutes to show you the faces of mine and Steve's amazing blessings, our good and perfect gifts from God -- our grandchildren. Of course, our children and their spouses are treasures in our lives, but these children they've added to our family bring indescribable joy.

We put the stockings on the mantel at Christmastime from oldest to youngest, so I'll list them here in that same way. (You can see from some of the pictures that they are good sports about indulging their Grandmomma's job of travel and food blogging. Bless 'em.)

  1. Allie Grace Greenhaw. She just turned 21 and is really displaying her newly-gained adulthood. She is creative, kind, spiritual, and in love for the first time in her life.

2. Luke Walker Pearson. He is 16, drives all over Nashville, has had paying jobs for quite a few years, loves being on stage, has a great group of friends, and is a techno whiz.

3. Nathan David Baggett. Nathan is 15 and has used his learner's permit to drive himself and his dad on a number of kayaking adventures. He is really good at paddling a raging river, and is a sports encyclopedia.

4. Seth Collier Pearson. Seth will be 15 on December 20. He's a good student, a good athlete, and confidently funny and entertaining. He loves Auburn and has his dad's personality.

5. Margaret James Rodgers. Margaret is 15. She's an excellent piano student and loves to cook. She has discovered a love for singing and being in musical productions.

6. Birtukan (Birti) Elizabeth Pearson. Birti is 14. She plays on the soccer team, is a natural athlete, and has a lot of friends. She loves the latest fashions, devours Ethiopian and Indian food, is a sought-after babysitter, is a good student, and enjoys making a mess with me in the kitchen.

7. Megan Rose Baggett. Megan just turned 13. She loves Star Wars, Legos, the musical "Hamilton" and being her own person. She enjoys her church friends and listening to music and podcasts.

8. Penelope Delia Rodgers. She is 13 and is a great help to her mom with her siblings. She is an avid reader, is naturally musical, and loved being in "Mary Poppins" recently.

9. Rosemary Rebekah Rodgers. Rosemary is 12. She's often quiet but also has a sharp wit. She appears to get along with everyone and be an Indian rather than a Chief.

10. Samuel Pearson Rodgers. Sam is 10. He enjoys reading, putting Lego sets together, and doing anything outdoors. He likes four-wheelers and driving farm machinery. He has a HUGE appetite.

11. Bethany Miriam Brave Rodgers. Bethany is 8 and smart as a whip. She figures out her schoolwork and piano pieces quickly. She's tiny but hangs in there very well with all her brothers.

12. Silas Keith Rodgers. Silas is 7. He's really good on his bicycle and riding a small motorcycle around the farm. He works hard on his schoolwork and is strong for his age. He thinks before he speaks, similar to his Granddaddy.

13. Enoch Jonathan Rodgers. Enoch is 4. He keeps a knot on his head often because of his tendency to climb or try things the big kids are doing. He's always busy and dares you to keep up with him. He loves trucks and tractors.

14. Beatrix Agnes June Rodgers. Bea is a 2-year-old sweetheart. At this stage, she seems to be very even-tempered and easygoing. She loves playing with her little sister and is beginning to talk more and more.

15. Sarah Ruth Rodgers. She just turned 1. Sarah is a happy baby and obviously enjoys the continual circus surrounding her. She MIGHT be the caboose on our Grandchild Train, but only time will tell. :)

Thanks be to God for every year I'm alive to watch these beautiful children grow into the people God created them to be.

I can't close this year's Thanksgiving without expressing gratitude for my wonderful husband, my Silver Fox. I love him more with each passing day. His birthday was this past Tuesday, and he has to be the world's most easy-to-please man. A low-sugar blackberry cobbler put a big smile on his face.

Now we can put a bow around Thanksgiving 2021 and begin to celebrate Christmas.

Psalm 107:1: "Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!"

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