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4 Great Reasons to Stay in the Garden District of New Orleans

If you're the rowdy, party type, then you might have more fun in the vicinity of Bourbon Street. But, look at me. Do I scream "Party Animal?" I think not. I do, however, enjoy beauty, comfortable accommodations, quirky shops and eateries, and outstanding food. Steve and I found all that during a recent visit to the Garden District of New Orleans.


Located at 2041 Prytania Street, the Henry Howard Hotel is in the same neighborhood as many stately homes showcasing beautiful gardens, abundant wrought iron, and owners who take pride in their property (and have likely paid dearly for it). Built in 1867, this imposing structure offers 18 luxurious rooms for guests. Coffee and fresh pastries are available in the morning, and the nightly turn-down service, complete with a chocolate, is a special touch.

Amenities include free Wi-Fi, Beekman 1802 toiletries, and premium TV channels.


When I use the word "walkability," I don't necessarily mean smooth, flat sidewalks. I mostly mean you will appreciate the homes in the Garden District much more if you walk past them at a leisurely pace, rather than driving by. The sidewalks are fairly uneven -- trees and their inevitable roots get priority in this area --- so be careful not to trip.

There are several guided walking tours you can sign up for. Those will no doubt reveal which homes are owned by well-known celebrities and point out architectural details.

If you want to explore more than this immediate district, take note that you can catch the streetcar just a couple of blocks from Henry Howard Hotel, and its route is extensive. Click here for all the pertinent info.


Turkey and the Wolf, a dive-looking, walk-up sandwich shop, may not technically be in the Garden District, but since it is only about 1/2 mile from the Henry Howard Hotel, I'd definitely put it in this category. Don't be surprised if you arrive to find the line to order stretching out into the yard. Turkey and the Wolf is NOT fancy, but it IS popular. Astonishingly, Bon Appetit magazine called it "America's Best New Restaurant" in 2017. Read about that here. When your sandwich is served on a plastic, cartoon-adorned plate, you'll be even more amazed.

Look for more eclectic businesses when you're browsing along Magazine Street. One we found was Molly's Rise and Shine. We stopped in for cold drinks, but I want to return for breakfast. The menu looks very enticing.


Commander's Palace is the most well-known restaurant in the Garden District, without a doubt, and it's only a couple of blocks from Henry Howard Hotel.

However, if you've already been to Commander's Palace and want to sample great food somewhere else, let me put in a huge endorsement for Gris-Gris. The name conjures up images of voodoo and means good luck charm or "capable of warding off evil." If there's any magic involved, it definitely happens in the kitchen. Our anniversary dinner at Gris-Gris was fabulous.

We shared a wonderful garden salad, the double cut pork chop with greens and new potatoes, and finished with their signature Sticky Bun Bread Pudding. We were seated on the upstairs balcony, which was a perfect setting. Our server was delightful, and the candle on our bread pudding made us smile.

Those are my thoughts about the Garden District. Go find its charms for yourself and let me know what you enjoyed.


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