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A Lovely Stay at Houmas House Estate and Gardens

Steve and I spent two nights at The Inn of Houmas House Estate and Gardens in Darrow, Louisiana last week and enjoyed every minute. The azaleas were showing off, and the gardens were stunning.

The house and grounds of Houmas House served as a sugarcane plantation in the 1800s, and the house was known as "The Sugar Palace." The massive trees on the property would certainly tell tales if only they could talk. Tours of the mansion are available, and an amazing Great River Road Museum was added a couple of years ago. The 1964 movie "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte" was filmed there. (A fun sidenote is that on a tour in 2016, I got to play the antique piano as the tour guide sang the theme song from the movie. Fun times.) Viking Mississippi River Cruise ships dock across the street in order for passengers to visit. It does, after all, face the Mighty Mississippi.

The present owner is an obvious collector of sculptures and paintings which are scattered throughout. The beautifully manicured grounds are maintained by a busy staff.

The Inn consists of a couple dozen cottages decorated with luxurious fabrics, art, and furnishings, each with a porch for relaxing.

The Carriage House is an amazing restaurant on the estate. Reservations are recommended.

We shared an appetizer of pan-seared scallops, an entree of redfish, and white chocolate bread pudding for dessert. So, so good.

A buffet breakfast is served in the Dixie Cafe adjacent to the museum and is included in the room rate.

Guests may tour the house and the museum for $55. A lovely gift shop is also on the property that you will want to browse.

Darrow is only about 30 miles south of Baton Rouge, and the entire Plantation Trail is well worth spending several days touring, staying, and dining.

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