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Alabama Shines in America's Barn Quilt Trail

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Before I start this post, let me say "Welcome to my new, improved 'ThereGoesConnie' website!" I hope you will find it to be user-friendly, informative and maybe even thought-provoking and inspirational from time to time. I'm particularly happy about the new search button on the Blogs page. As I add content, you'll be able to type in a certain state and see what I've written about it. Or, you can click "Travel," "Food," or "Faith" and find my posts in those categories. Hopefully, you'll use the "Contact Me" form whenever you want to reach out, and of COURSE, I'd love to have you use the "Subscribe to my blog" form. Coming soon will be a new menu category called "Resources," where I will recommend various websites or travel-related products that I use and like.

But now, here are some thoughts about the Alabama Barn Quilt Trail. An article I wrote for Desoto Magazine can be found here on page 60.

In my research, I discovered that North Alabama in particular has a large number of barns and structures on the trail, so I spent a couple of afternoons exploring different sections of it. As a simple explanation, a barn owner applies to be included on the trail. His/her barn must be neatly maintained, be in a place where it can easily be seen from the road and have a safe, convenient place for passersby to pull over and enjoy the barn quilt. He/she then chooses a quilt pattern that has special significance and finds someone to paint it on a 4' x 4' or 8' x 8' piece of material such as the thin, sturdy, weatherproof plywood used on signs. The colorful quilt block is then attached to a prominent spot, and the fun begins.

The American Barn Quilt Trail movement was begun as a way to draw attention to agriculture, to honor the important art and skill of quilting and to encourage people to get off the interstates and wander rural roads. From a personal perspective, I found it to be extremely relaxing. Plus, it was similar to a giant Easter egg hunt for adults. Spotting one of the barn quilts feels as if you've found the Golden Egg.

This fall would be a great time to explore. Be sure to take your camera, stop looking at the clock and just soak in the peace of the countryside.

The website for Alabama's trail is

Be sure to check out the websites for trails in other states where you live or might be traveling through. #alabama #travel #barns #quilts #trail

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