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My husband Steve (a.k.a. my Silver Fox) is a Bird Whisperer. I spent some valuable time meditating on the back porch recently and saw an impressive variety of birds come to his feeders. He carefully researched the best types of feeders and seeds. He makes his special sugar water concoction for the hummingbirds. He planted flowers and trees with the preferences of birds in mind.

Those birds have found a blissful place for resting and getting nourishment. Cardinals, bright yellow goldfinches, bluebirds, pileated woodpeckers, house finches, sparrows, and more visit often. They take turns and "play nice" with each other. They wait watchfully in the nearby trees then swoop in when the perch near their favorite seeds is vacant.

Steve has finally (through MUCH trial and error) devised a feeder stand that completely discourages the squirrels. Hawks make appearances from time to time, but generally, the birds we see are predator-free. They appear to become more active before a rainstorm and immediately after. These birds have everything they need -- trees for roosting and nesting, water, fresh air, sunshine, wide-open spaces, and an ever-present supply of yummy seeds. They keep a close lookout on their surroundings. They appear to know their place in the social hierarchy among their fellow birds. From all I can tell, they go about their daily lives being watchful but not worried.

Recently I've wrestled with burdens. Some involve prayer concerns of friends and extended family members. Others involve challenges my own children and grandchildren are facing. I've worried, stewed, fretted, wrung my hands over what MIGHT happen if my cloudy crystal ball proves to be accurate. Yet, not one minute of my fretting has changed any of the situations a single iota.

I am powerless in my own strength to fix things, but I know Who is All-Powerful. My downfall is wanting to jump in and help Him, knowing full well that my efforts are unlikely to end well.

God knows a granddaughter had an accident and broke her back.

God knows a grandson is a new driver in NASHVILLE.

God knows a grandson loves extreme kayaking.

God knows a grandson is playing tackle football for the first time.

God knows our children and their spouses have complicated careers.

God knows a son-in-law will be in Australia for a number of weeks while our daughter manages 9 children on her own.

God knows Cousins Camp will begin in a couple of weeks, and we want desperately to have another meaningful time with these grands who are growing up so quickly.

Shall I continue?

Today's time of observing the birds at the feeders has been a reminder that God is constantly telling me to give my worries to Him.

He knows all the details.

He already knows the outcome.

He loves my husband, children, and grandchildren even more than I do -- which is astounding to me, but I know deep in my soul that it's true.

He desires for me to trust Him and watch Him do what ONLY He can do.

Do you need to spend time watching the birds today?

Matthew 6:26 -- "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?"

1 Peter 5:7 -- "Cast all your anxiety on him because He cares for you."

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