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Dreher's: A Tasty Nod to History in Cullman

Dreher's Cocktail Bar & Restaurant, the space now bearing a 216 1st Avenue, SE, Cullman address was originally the Dreher Furniture Store and dates back to the 1800's. That building burned down in the late 1800's but rose from the ashes as Buettner Jewelers, and everyone recognizes that the Buettner name is practically synonymous with the name Cullman. The new owners of the building clearly wanted to continue a vintage/historical look and vibe in the decor and in several of the menu offerings.

Dreher's has a fortunate location for other reasons. It is next door to A Touch of German, and only a couple of doors from Duchess Bakery. Each of these businesses has its own set of operating hours, but you might want to make note that there's one time during the week when you can visit all three -- Saturday morning. Stop first at Duchess Bakery around 9:45 a.m. for one of their famous donuts (try to limit yourself to only one). Be ready to browse the shelves inside A Touch of German when the doors open at 10:00. Then, head to Dreher's for brunch starting at 10:30.

Dreher's serves dinner Wednesday through Sunday and brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

For teetotalers such as Steve and me, it was quickly apparent why the name of the business lists the Cocktail Bar part first and Restaurant second. There is one page listing the food choices and PAGES listing the alcohol options.

Burgers are probably the hottest selling items, but we were in the mood for something else. Steve chose the Chicken Alice with sweet potato fries and mac and cheese, while I opted for the Chicken Schnitzel with mashed sweet potatoes and seasonal vegetables. We both had a house salad. Our food was good, and the portions were generous.

The sweet potato fries were especially good.

Both entrees were about $15, so the prices were reasonable.

It's a smallish place with about 30 seats at tables and another 12 at the bar. We had reservations, but if you plan an early dinner (maybe between ballgames on Saturday), you probably won't need them. For later times, you might.

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