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Gorham's Bluff for Relaxation, Romance, and Reconnection

Gorham's Bluff is a small, planned community overlooking the Tennessee River from high atop Sand Mountain in the tiny town of Pisgah, Alabama. The Lodge at Gorham's Bluff has 6 guest rooms, plus there are several houses and cottages available for overnight accommodations.

Owner/Innkeeper Dawn McGriff will start your relaxing stay with her calm, soothing, Southern voice and her competent, unfrazzled demeanor as soon as you walk through the door. Guest rooms offer spectacular views from private balconies, fireplaces, and comfortable beds and furniture. However, there are no televisions, and no children under 12 are allowed in the dining room, and that's by design. This is a place to be quiet, to take long walks, to sit and gaze at the woods and water from a well-placed Adirondack chair, or to have intimate conversations with your spouse.

Meals are an additional charge but worth every penny. Three or four-course dinners are chef-prepared and served elegantly. Personalized menus offer a choice of 2 starters, 4 entrees, and a homemade dessert. Breakfasts are cooked-to-order, and a boxed lunch is available, if you want one as you're checking out. It helps tremendously with the relaxation, romance, and reconnection aspect if you don't have to get back in your car to find a place to eat. You don't have to be a registered guest to eat in the dining room. People from all around, make reservations and arrive for a lovely dinner.

And, let me just say, that I know the music was via Pandora, but the selections were so well-chosen and fit the atmosphere and setting perfectly.

There is a coffee/tea station ready for guests, but there are no ice machines or alcohol served at the Lodge. Guests are allowed to bring their own, if so desired. And, yes, there is complimentary WiFi, so you won't have to be totally disconnected from the world . . . unless you want to be. Here is just one section of the inviting downstairs sitting room.

It is easy to see why the Lodge and grounds are such a popular venue for weddings.

I had heard rave reviews from several friends about Gorham's Bluff, and I'm very glad I had an opportunity to experience it for myself.

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