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Have a Tea Party in Huntsville, AL

Sometimes you just want to share a pot or two of hot tea and goodies with some of your beautiful granddaughters. Well, I'd like to do this with ALL of my granddaughters, but you get the point. And, sometimes you want to enjoy such an occasion without having to do all of the baking and preparations yourself.

A few months ago I discovered a place in Huntsville offering a tea service and hatched the idea of giving 4 of my granddaughters an "experience" for Christmas, rather than something in a box with a bow on top.

We began with manicures, (Check out their eclectic color choices), and did a little shopping, but our main highlight was enjoying tea time at Dragon's Forge Cafe inside Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment.

The Queen Tatiana service includes a pot of tea and sweets, but I chose the Empress Luna service with 2 pots of tea and both savories and sweets.

We selected the Weebly Cog tea (fruity) and Loki's Kiss (hints of white chocolate and peppermint). We liked them both but preferred Loki's Kiss. Tea was served with real cream, sugar, and honey, if desired.

Sandwiches were ham, turkey, chicken salad, and cucumber. Sweets were cakes, madeleines, scones, and tiny muffins.

The decor and music at Dragon's Forge Cafe fit the name. Different, but attractive. My personal preference would be more lace and flowers, but their appeal is definitely toward the Harry Potter crowd. And, I would cut the crusts off the sandwiches and make them smaller, but that's just me. C'est la vie! We made memories, and that's what counts.

Do you know of other tea party places in North Alabama? Please tell me about them.

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