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Impressions from Rome, Georgia

Updated: May 4, 2022

Steve and I recently spent a couple of days in Rome, Georgia. Yes, we have a daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren in Rome, but this time we were exploring the attractions of the town from a tourist perspective. We came away extremely impressed with the people who have made an impact on Rome -- Martha Berry, Henry Ford, Dr. Robert Battey, Major Ridge, Rosalind Gammon, First Lady Ellen Axson Wilson, and others. Visit Oak Hill and the Martha Berry Museum to learn about the first two. Visit Chieftains Museum to learn about Major Ridge, and visit the Rome Area History Center and the Visitors Center to learn about Dr. Battey, Mrs. Gammon, and First Lady Wilson. Doug Walker, Johnette Chambers, and Selena Tilly are enthusiastic and very knowledgeable representatives for Rome.

I especially loved learning that Martha Berry was "almost 5 feet tall on a good day wearing her best shoes." Yet, she was inspired to start a school after teaching Sunday School to some very poor children and realizing they couldn't read or write. She had a holistic approach to education and was extremely astute and resourceful when she convinced Henry Ford to help support her students and efforts at Berry College. You just MUST go and hear the stories for yourself.

(Grave of Ellen Axson Wilson, first wife of President Woodrow Wilson).

(One of many displays inside the Martha Berry Museum)

It's a beautiful town with its seven hills, three rivers, and strikingly wide Broad Street. You could easily spend several hours shopping and eating your way up and down that street. But, I urge you to venture out and explore Myrtle Hill Cemetery, the Clocktower, ECO Center, the campus of Berry College, and more.

(The Clocktower, the Possum Trot Church on the Berry College campus, and a delicious pulled pork sandwich at Blossom Hill BBQ).

If you enjoy tennis or pickleball, Rome is definitely the place to go. And, by all means, take a lock to the American Flag Bridge (it's stunning at night). Attach the lock to the bridge and toss the key in the river. A very romantic gesture.

I believe it will give you a lot of details and ideas.


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