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Play a Cigar Box Guitar and Admire Art in Huntsville, AL

I want to recommend a wonderful, easy way to make music in Huntsville, Alabama. No, you don't have to be musically gifted. You don't even have to read music. I promise.


Head to Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment on Saturday from noon until 2:00 p.m. and find the Cigar Box Guitar Store in Studio 106 (2211 Seminole Drive NW). You can admire the many varieties of guitars made from cigar boxes, but most of all, you can take a free lesson. In minutes, you'll be MAKING MUSIC!! It's so much fun! Jeff and Tara Mello are the current owners, and most likely Jeff will be the teacher.

If you get hooked -- and I'm fairly certain you will-- you can buy an already-built cigar box guitar OR make one with a kit the Mellos have for sale.

While you're at Lowe Mill, browse the other artists' studios and take advantage of some of the great food options.


If you haven't been to a fine art gallery recently, let me encourage you to spend some time at the amazing Huntsville Museum of Art.

Intricate Buccellati animals crafted of silver are part of the permanent display, and if you have children with you, the interactive area for them is a must-visit.

I spotted this portrait of Ethel Waters while browsing one of the current visiting exhibits.

Her story is an amazing one of resilience and the ability to overcome hardships. This portrait shows Ethel in her younger years. I remember her as a regular part of televised Billy Graham crusades during my childhood. Her signature song was "His Eye Is On the Sparrow." If you've never heard her, listen here.

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