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Skaneateles, New York: Small town loaded with charm and beauty

Skaneateles (pronounced "skinny atlas") is often referred to as the "Crown Jewel of the Finger Lakes," and I can understand why. It is beautifully positioned beside Lake Skaneateles, which means "long lake" in the Iroquois language, and that lake is said to be one of the cleanest lakes in the country.

I'm so glad my friend Kay Thagard recommended that we check it out when she knew we'd be in the area. We only had a few hours to explore, but I would love to return, and I definitely recommend it to any of you who will be visiting Syracuse and the Finger Lakes region in the future.


Willow Glen Diner is a smallish place on the outskirts of town that filled our requirements for a great breakfast with local flavor. We enjoyed hearing the voices of upstate New Yorkers as we devoured our delicious meal. Service was friendly and attentive. Except for the accents, we'd have thought we were in Morgan County, Alabama.


We quickly browsed many of the attractive shops and boutiques and wished for more time and more room in our suitcases. Each was filled with quality merchandise -- no kitschy souvenirs here. We found the public restrooms AFTER we walked into the library and were graciously allowed to use their facilities. Maybe a little more signage would help.

We didn't stay for lunch because we had to make our way on to Boston for our return flight home, but we did choose a few sweet treats for the road from Skaneateles Bakery.

The whole town looked like a perfect setting for a Hallmark movie. I promise it's worth a visit.

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