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Visit Plantation Country: New Orleans to Baton Rouge

First, let me be clear. I am not advising travel right now. In fact, the number of Covid cases in my part of the country is soaring at alarming rates. Steve and I are staying very close to home these days with only occasional grocery runs or car rides to keep our sanity and be reminded that there's a great, big, beautiful world still ready to be explored. We are EAGER for an opportunity to receive the vaccine, but until then, I hope I can inspire you to plan for future trips once it's safe to venture out again.

One of our very favorite trips was to Plantation Country in Louisiana, starting in New Orleans and ending in Baton Rouge. This area has it all -- history (tours conducted by knowledgeable and costumed guides to fabulous museums in Baton Rouge), incredible food (oh my, Cajun!), abundant nature (think swamp tours with alligators and such), music (from jazz to zydeco), beautiful accommodations (boutique hotels, plantation cottages, and B & Bs), and the mighty Mississippi River. I would recommend this website for beginning your research. In addition, I am including photos and links to posts I wrote about 5 years ago.

In New Orleans, Steve and I enjoyed Hotel Mazarin, and Gumbo Shop is a fabulous restaurant within easy walking distance.

By all means, include a visit to Whitney Plantation in your itinerary. Many plantations tell their stories from the perspective of the rich family who occupied the big house, but at Whitney, the story is told with a focus on the plight of the slaves. It is a disturbing but important story. During these times when true racial understanding and reconciliation is on so many minds, I believe a visit to this part of Louisiana would be helpful in order to gain an appreciation for why so many people feel the way they do.

Other plantations we visited and several dining suggestions are written about in these posts.

In Baton Rouge, we stayed at the Stockade Bed and Breakfast. Here are some other recommendations from that great city.

Now maybe we both feel as if we've been on a trip today. This is a region that is drawing me back. I heartily recommend that you consider it.

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