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2 Places for Saturday Breakfast in Decatur

I love going out for breakfast on the weekends, don't you?

As an Ambassador for Visit Decatur/Morgan County, I am always alert to new restaurants that open for business. That made me especially curious about one daring to call itself BEST TASTE N TOWN. I HAD to check it out and was especially happy to see that it serves breakfast Tuesday through Saturday. Win-win.


The address for Best Taste N Town is 3030 Modaus Road SW in Decatur, but you actually turn right beside the Snackers Food Mart, and the cafe is in the back. You can see the new Austin High School from the parking lot and the front door. My guess is that it is perfectly placed for a quick snack or lunch for students or teachers who aren't fond of what's being served in the cafeteria that day . . . but that's just a guess. :)

In addition to typical breakfast fare of eggs, hashbrowns, grits, sausage, bacon, pancakes, waffles, and biscuits, Best Taste N Town has daily lunch specials -- think "meat and 3" -- and salads, sandwiches, burgers, wings, and fish plates.

I'm sure folks living in this part of Decatur are happy to have this eatery nearby for carryouts or dining in. I noticed a listing for Meika's Shrimp and Grits and talked to Meika herself about the dish. She said that it had surprised her how popular it was. I MUST go back soon to try it for myself.

Best Taste N Town only opened a few months ago, so I'm sure the staff would love to have your business soon for breakfast or lunch. It's a small place with a friendly, family atmosphere.

As the name suggests, Such N Such at 2641 Highway 31 (near the intersection with Highway 67) is best known for its creative menu of burgers and tacos served for lunch Mondays through Wednesdays and for lunch AND dinner Thursdays through Saturdays.

On Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until noon, the Such family offers a breakfast menu of intriguing options. Their Sasquatch Biscuit is arguably the most famous, and it comes with a variety of fillings from double bacon, egg, and cheese (shown here) to a meaty feast of a sausage patty, smoked sausage, bacon, and barbecue.

Another temptation is Chicken and Waffles smothered in bacon crumbles and sweet sauce.

Check the website to see the other Saturday morning possibilities. Just make a note to yourself that they do not have decaf coffee, and there are no refills on drinks. Many entrees come with fried potatoes or a fresh fruit bowl.

Dieters, this might not be the best place for you, but you CAN find oatmeal on the breakfast menu and 3 different salads at other mealtimes.

Jason Such and the Such family (mom, 2 sons, and other family members who pitch in when needed) started their business in Priceville in 2016, then added a food truck, before coming to the Decatur location. There is a mix of booths and tables. Orders are taken and paid for at the front desk. When I was there, the music was pulsating and edgy, a mix of rock and hip hop, and the 4 flatscreen TVs were all tuned to sports channels (appropriate for a Saturday in the fall). Service is prompt and friendly.

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