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2 Post-Christmas, Food-Related Suggestions

1) There are a FEW benefits to being Empty Nesters. One comes about when you know your children are all happily spending time with their own families or with their in-law families and realize that you have the option to have your own special celebration. For Steve and me, that took place last Thursday night, Christmas Eve. One of our favorite restaurants, Commerce Kitchen in downtown Huntsville, was offering a very delicious-sounding set menu with a convenient reservation schedule. So, we decided to plan to enjoy an early dinner there. Plus, it should be noted that I had spent hours in the kitchen and was ready for someone to serve ME. :)

Starter options included a beautiful spinach salad, chicken/sausage gumbo or fried green tomatoes.

Entree choices were salmon, grilled filet mignon, grilled half chicken, and salmon.

Dessert choices were red velvet cake, bourbon pecan pie, or bread pudding. For us, that's a no-brainer. We both LOVE bread pudding. This version was served warm and definitely did not disappoint.

The restaurant had tables placed distantly, servers wore masks, and the food was wonderful. I am a huge fan of Chef James Boyce and his restaurants in Huntsville and Birmingham, and I'm certain you will enjoy them, too. (Commerce Kitchen, Cotton Row, Pane e Vino, Galley and Garden).

2) Recently, we discovered a great place to get high-quality seafood shipped to our house. The first order arrived on time and still frozen, even though it came from ALASKA. The box contained a mix of salmon, Pacific halibut, Pacific pollock, Pacific cod, and Dungeness crab. Everything we've tried so far has been really delicious. The website contains a lot of recipe suggestions, plus I've found some great ones on Pinterest. I especially like teriyaki and Asian-style recipes. Cod, halibut, and pollock are mild whitefish, by the way. We plan to continue for the coming months, remembering our commitment to healthier eating in 2021.

Here are some quick photos of how our first shipment looked when it arrived.

If you're interested, please send me your email address. You'll get $25 off your first order, and Steve and I will get some credit, too. Win-win. If you're not comfortable posting a comment on this post, send your address to

Now to get all of the Christmas decorations taken down and put away. I'm ready to get started discovering what 2021 has in store.

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