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3 Huntsville Restaurant Reviews

Hi everybody! I'm glad to be back to my blog and will spend the next few weeks getting caught up with places I've been and dishes I've sampled since early August. Today I'll share about one very upscale restaurant and two chains in Huntsville, Alabama. I rarely write about chains, but these were two I'd never tried but now have some opinions to offer.


I had heard a number of friends give very favorable reviews about Purveyor and finally had a chance to try it during this year's Huntsville Restaurant Week. Purveyor is located on N. Jefferson Street near the courthouse square in downtown Huntsville. The best bet for parking would probably be the Clinton Street garage across from 106 Jefferson, the beautiful new boutique hotel.

I most definitely suggest making a reservation, because Purveyor is a smallish place and is in big demand on weekends. Service is impeccable, the menu is creative, and the dishes are beautiful AND delicious.

Steve and I enjoyed a crab-stuffed zucchini blossom for an appetizer, then progressed to a bowl of chilled avocado soup.

We shared a wonderful shrimp dish for our entree and ended with a slice of kumquat cheesecake.

The menu changes weekly, so you may or may not see these same dishes when you visit, but I can pretty much guarantee you'll find something equally appetizing and appealing.


Slim Chickens got its start in Arkansas but is making a big splash in Huntsville with five locations now serving or slated to begin very soon. Steve and I visited the location near Toyota Field where the Rocket City Trash Pandas play.

Both outside and inside, the restaurant was attractive and very clean. We sampled wings, chicken fingers, fries, and slaw. Special features are their many dipping sauces. I counted SEVENTEEN!!! The chicken was fresh and tender and can certainly give Zaxby's or Hartselle's Dari-Delite some stiff competition. I give Slim Chickens a thumbs up.


In the interest of full disclosure, we tried Nothing But Noodles because I won an Instagram photo contest during Huntsville's Restaurant Week. And, also truthfully, I'd love to return sometime and make another menu choice. The menu has American, Italian, and Asian options. We chose to try a couple of Asian dishes. The good news was that the dishes were loaded with fresh ingredients. On the not-so-good side, for both Steve and me the seasonings and sauces were too spicy and hot for our tastes. When I go back, I want to try one of the Italian choices.

I'd love to read your thoughts about any of these three places. What did you order? What is your favorite item on the menu of the restaurant you visited? If we're going to spend our hard-earned money going out to eat, we want it to be flavorful, healthy, and well-prepared, don't we?

A reasonable price is also a plus. I'm willing to spend more if what I'm getting is exceptional. How about you?

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