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Eat Your Way Through the Alphabet in Morgan County

As a Visit Decatur Alabama Ambassador, I enjoy finding opportunities to showcase the sights and tastes around Morgan County. Recently, I had fun matching letters of the alphabet with dishes served in restaurants in the area. I started first with Decatur and Priceville. Click this link to see the results.

I confess that I haven't personally tried each of these dishes, but wouldn't it be fun to start with A and eventually make your way to Z?

Then I turned my attention specifically to Hartselle.

A fun place in Hartselle was somehow left off this list but deserves to have a prominent spot. That is Oliwia's Shave Ice, and I know for a fact that it is a favorite with grandchildren. By the way, even though the official name is Oliwia's with a "W," it is pronounced as a "V" -- which rolls off the tongue much less awkwardly. Oliwia's is directly across from the depot. You are very likely to see and hear a train while you're enjoying your cool treat.

Now, which of these places have I tempted you to put on your must-try list? I'd love to hear about the delicious dishes you sample when you go.

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