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Elegant Dining at Ember Grille, Lake Charles, Louisiana

I LOVE a fabulous meal served in a fine dining restaurant with gleaming linens, polished silver, pretty dishes, a relaxed atmosphere with soft music, attentive service and food to absolutely die for. Who wouldn't, right? As I think about truly memorable dinners I've enjoyed in the past several months, one springs immediately to mind. I was on a culinary-themed press trip with a group of travel writers, and for our last meal together, the experience was just as I described above.

Just so you know, I didn't eat ALL of any of the dishes you are about to see. That would be impossible. And sometimes it's actually better to have just a few bites of a delectable dish. But when you're with a group of like-minded people who are ALL foodies in varying degrees, you get to photograph and sample a dizzying number of amazing dishes.

For this meal, we were at the Ember Grille and Wine Bar inside L'Auberge Casino Resort in Lake Charles, Louisiana. If you are in Lake Charles in the near future and want an extraordinary dining experience, I highly recommend Ember Grille. Oh my. Everything I tasted was excellently-prepared and scrumptious. I'm running out of adjectives just remembering it. For planning purposes, you'll need to know that it is only open for dinner, and you WILL want to save room for dessert. Generally, I'll choose whether to splurge on an appetizer OR a dessert in addition to my entree, but when you go to Ember Grille, I hope you'll plan to have both. Bonus points if you're there with someone who will share. :)

Recommended appetizers:




Recommended entrees and sides:





A beautiful dessert:

FRENCH CHOCOLATE MOUSSE with hazelnut sponge cake, vanilla ice cream, candied hazelnuts and raspberries

I know. I know. I'm spoiled rotten when it comes to food. But, I do hope you'll seek out great restaurants and experience gourmet, chef-prepared meals when you have a chance. Not every time you go out to eat, of course. That would break ANYBODY'S budget and obliterate your waistline. But when you have a special occasion.

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