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Hartselle Goes International at Osaka Sushi & Steakhouse

The reviews coming in were so positive, I knew I needed to try it for myself. Steve and I made our way to Osaka Sushi & Steakhouse, 1091 Highway 31 (in the same group of shops with Dollar Tree near Wal-Mart), for a recent Saturday lunch. We were very impressed.

In a town that isn't known for ethnic diversity, Osaka has a Chinese manager, a Japanese sushi chef, a Mexican kitchen crew, and a mix of servers. In spite of cultural differences, they are making everything work.

Osaka took a location that formerly housed a Chinese restaurant, reconfigured it, put in new flooring, wall colors, furnishings, added a sushi station, and is developing loyal followers. They consider themselves to be an Asian restaurant.

The menu features Chinese favorites along with Japanese options and 3 Louisiana seafood platters for good measure. Sashimi (a dish consisting of bite-size pieces of raw fish) is not a normal offering in Hartselle, but Osaka has 11 varieties, including eel and octopus.

Steve and I shared a steak and chicken hibachi dinner with an extra salad. The portion sizes were generous, and the seasonings were light and flavorful. And, oh, that yum-yum sauce!

I was allowed to watch and take photos while the sushi chef worked his magic. The eel and avocado version was especially interesting.

Do I recommend Osaka? Yes! Clean, good food, prompt service, wide menu. Give them a try.

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