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LANIER HOUSE IN MADISON: Perfect for Enjoying a Spot of Tea with Friends

Lanier House in Madison opened about a month ago, and I could hardly wait to see it for myself. Lovely, feminine, inviting, classy, or as my Momma would have said, prissy -- I enjoyed it immensely and highly recommend that you check it out. My friends agreed.

Jan Morris, Wanda Bailey, Pat Hicks, Diane Sauers, and Wanda Roberts joined me.

The tea room, at 20 Martin Street, is only a couple of blocks from Main Street Cafe, and Tammy Hall owns both businesses.

The floral wallpaper is stunning, and pretty areas are scattered throughout the dining room. Each place setting has a different china pattern, with tea cups, teapots, and 3-tiered trays of delicacies being the highlights.

Lanier House offers three tea times: 11:00-12-30, 1:00-2:30, and 3:00-4:30. We chose the early time. Reservations are a must, by the way. The staff at Lanier House wants everything to be ready when you arrive.

The menu changes monthly. A different tea is served with each course.

With a Black Paris Tea, we had three savories: a Chicken Salad Pastry Puff, Asian Bahn Mi Crostini, and Bacon Jam and Mission Fig Crisp.

With an Herbal Raspberry Hibiscus Tea, we enjoyed two breads: a Raspberry Lemon Scone with Lemon Curd and Clotted Cream and an English Style Crumpet with Maple Butter.

With a Black Chocolate Tea (Yes, I said Chocolate Tea), we had three sweets: a Chocolate Chip Danish, a Lemon Citrus Cupcake, and a Strawberry Shortcake Biscuit.

I can clearly see that I will need to visit every month to enjoy all the different menus to come. I'm so glad we have a nice tea room in our area.

Next time, I think I'll want to try on a fancy hat or two.

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