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My Review of Puckett's in Cullman and Our Latest Book

Puckett's Grocery began in the 1950's as a small, family-owned grocery store and gas station in the tiny town of Leiper's Fork, Tennessee. In 1998, it was purchased by Andy Marshall. Over time, he has transformed the Puckett's brand into a music venue and a place to grab a meat-and-three meal featuring smoked meats (cooked low and slow). The formula has been wildly successful leading to Puckett's locations in the heart of downtown Franklin, Nashville at 5th and Church, downtown Columbia, downtown Chattanooga, Pigeon Forge, downtown Murfreesboro, and most recently at Exit 310, off I-65 in Cullman, Alabama.

Situated next door to Cracker Barrel, the comparisons are easy. Both serve Southern favorites. Both have country music playing on the background music system. Both sell a few groceries. Both have varying menu items depending on the day of the week. Both are decorated with vintage, nostalgic signs, etc., and I'm sure if the line is too long at one place, it's an easy choice to walk over to the less busy one.

There are several differences, though.

Puckett's stops serving breakfast at 11:00 a.m.

Puckett's specializes in barbecued meats.

Puckett's is a little more expensive than Cracker Barrel.

Steve and I enjoyed our meal at Puckett's. (We arrived at 10:59 a.m., so they allowed him to order breakfast, while I opted for lunch. My smoked chicken was very good.) Service was friendly and attentive. Everything was clean and attractive. I can't say we were bowled over, but it was good. Truthful enough for you?


Now about our new book -- "Turning Cousins Into Best Friends: What We Learned from 15 Years of Cousins Camps" -- the people who we think would most benefit from the book are:

1) Grandparents with two or more young grandchildren who are considering starting a similar tradition.

2) First-time Grandparents who are excited about all they might do with this grandchild and others who might come later.

3) Parents with young children who want to get a copy to give to their parents in hope of stirring up the idea. After all, we saw Cousins Camp as a way of investing in our children's marriages by keeping their children happily entertained so the parents could relax and plan a great responsibility-free week of their own.

Go to the top of this website and click on "Books" to order your copy.

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