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Stone Age Korean BBQ: Delicious and Interesting Dining in Huntsville

I'm not a fan of buffet restaurants, but Stone Age Korean BBQ is an "all you can eat" experience totally unlike a buffet. At Stone Age, you have the added experience of cooking the meat yourself on a tabletop gas grill.

Located at 2319 Memorial Parkway, I suggest that you get off the Parkway at Bob Wallace Avenue and drive on the service road beside Whole Foods. You'll find Stone Age before you reach Governor's Drive, and Big Daddy's Burger Bar, Just Love Coffee, and Super Chix are within sight.

At lunchtime, it is $19.99 per person (less for children). For dinner, all day on Saturday and Sunday, and holidays, it is $34.99 per adult. No carry-outs are allowed, so plan to eat all you want while you are there. I promise you will have plenty to eat, and the menu has enough variety to suit most palates. The lunch menu has 11 meat selections and 11 side dishes. Dinner adds shrimp and squid to the meats and ramen to the sides.

To begin your meal, you may choose two meats but they have to be in the same category, because they don't want you to be cooking both chicken and beef or pork on the same grill pan. When you're ready to change to another meat, you'll be given another grill pan. The meat is thinly sliced (we chose beef) and cooks quickly.

For our first sides, we chose salad, kimchi, and rice.

We then ventured out with Bibimbop (rice topped with an assortment of vegetables and a spicy sauce) and Dumplings. I especially loved the Dumplings.

Stone Age doesn't take reservations, so this is a first come, first served kind of place. Steve and I arrived about 11:30 on a Friday and were seated right away. A few minutes later, the place was almost filled.

Service was friendly and attentive, and the interior was clean and attractive. Yes. Steve and I are adventurous eaters, but this wasn't too "out there," so don't be afraid. What we had was very good, and I'm sure we'll go back again. Plus, it was different and fun.

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