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Thinking about Clarksville, TN

Last Saturday, while many of us were out shopping, going to Christmas parties, watching parades, or cheering sports teams on TV, a tornado ripped through Clarksville, Tennessee, killing 3 people, injuring 62, and destroying 114 homes. One of the victims was a 10-year-old fourth grader named Arlan who loved basketball. Imagine the anguish of sorting through the rubble of your home desperate to find possessions and remembrances of your son.

I visited Clarksville a little more than four years ago and made some sweet friends who work in the tourism office there -- Michelle Dickerson and Karyl Kirkland. Both were spared, but three families lost their homes in Michelle's church. One of those homes had four children living in it. I've been glad to see the outpouring of help coming from all over Tennessee and surrounding states, but those who were impacted have a long road ahead toward normalcy.

(Pat Summitt, legendary women's basketball coach at the University of Tennessee, was proud of her Clarksville heritage).

Perhaps in the coming months, you can plan a visit to Clarksville to help support the local economy while they rebuild. I wrote a couple of blog posts after I was there that might stir your interest.

One of the examples of public art in Clarksville.

Great food at the Catfish House.

Austin Peay State University is in Clarksville, and the burger came from a popular diner near the campus.

Downtown stores are filled with tempting, attractive merchandise.

Let's remember the people of Clarksville in our prayers and be alert for ways we can help.

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