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Tom Brown's New South Huntsville Location

From my first visit to Tom Brown's Restaurant in Madison, it became a favorite. I loved the decor, the atmosphere, and the wonderful menu.

Tom Brown has expanded, and now there's a gleaming new version in Hays Farm at 9070 Memorial Parkway, SW, in Huntsville. Both Tom Brown's Restaurant locations have the same menu, but the decor is different. Steve and I had a chance to visit last week, and once again, we loved what we found.

Tom's wife is an interior designer who imagines and creates the spaces. You'll notice her signature crystal chandeliers in both of the restaurants.

Their daughter Kenzie Johnston contributes the beautiful, one-of-a-kind wall art pieces. In South Huntsville, the art highlights well-known celebrities and heroes. You can visit her studio inside Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

Mean Green Egg Rolls filled with pulled pork and collards are a popular appetizer, and we can recommend them highly. SO good.

Although Tom Brown's Restaurant has awesome steaks, Steve and I are most likely to choose seafood. He ordered the Steelhead Salmon with mashed sweet potatoes

I told myself to order something new, but I couldn't resist the Redfish with Crawfish Julie with a stuffed baked potato. It's my favorite item on the menu -- hands down. A special touch in the baked potato is the French onion dip used instead of sour cream. Seafood entrees come with a side of seasoned couscous, which is delicious.

I strongly recommend making reservations and take note that this won't be an inexpensive meal. Either of Tom Brown's Restaurants are great places to go when you have a reason to celebrate or just want to have an amazing dinner.

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